Mold Testing

  • Why Mold Testing?

    Mold is considered a single organism consisting of multicellular fungal filaments. It causes biodegradation of various materials, which can lead to property damage and even illness. As a home buyer, visible mold will be obvious. Unfortunately, invisible mold is often present in homes. With no visual cues or odor, how are potential homebuyers to know if the home has a mold problem?

  • Diligent Mold Testing Services

    Diligent Inspection Services offers both surface and air testing. Samples will be taken during an inspection, then sent to our partner lab for in-depth and thorough analysis. Lab results are typically available for review within 24 hours, allowing you to quickly assess the condition of the home.

  • EMSL Analytical

    Diligent Inspection Services has chosen to partner with the nation’s leading environmental testing firm, EMSL Analytical, Inc. to provide quality analytical services to our clients. They offer a wide array of analytical testing services and materials testing.